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It happened quite a lot of times but during Good Friday I tend to listen to experimental music, not just the classic rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar of which I am big fan and in my humble opinion think is the best composition ever made to portray Jesus Christ.
This year I didn’t have the luck to take part in any rituals which is something I regret, but I couldn’t do otherwise since I was working late. I love it especially after the processions, since our country tends to calm down from 6pm onwards till early Saturday morning, or to put it in a better way I tend to make myself think that these are quieter hours were one should stop and think.

During these quiet hours I came across some good stuff and now I keep wondering how it would have been like, to have either David Gilmour playing with the original Genesis in the Lamb lies down on Broadway days, or Peter Gabriel at Pink Floyd during in the Piper by the Gate of Dawn and live in Pompeii era. Regretfully it is a dream which will never materialize that these two pure geniuses ever make an album together.

Almost every day you fall
upon my waking eyes,
Inviting and inciting me
to rise.
And through the window in the wall
come streaming in on sunlight wings
A million bright ambassadors of morning.

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Hsejjes said…
Hi CODama thanks for leaving a comment on my now defunct blog.I had to close it down against my wishes, but indeed, Big Brother IS watching. Anyhow, I have watched Jesus Christ Superstar in London and was very disappointed. They had a different version on, not the hippy, flower power version, but a normal run of the mill 'peagant'. Music still brilliant though. As for David Gilmour joining Genesis, or Peter Gabriel joining Pink Floyd, in your dreams man!!! :)
CODama said…
Hi Hsejjes, thanks for passing by my blog. it's a shame that yours has become obsolete, I loved your wit yet wise tags. I love the theater but I try to avoid musicals unless they are worth watching, I prefer to fade down the light and listen to music at full blast. How about having a Pink Gen band and we put all the members together? that would be a musical orgasm :) (as you might have noticed I love to dream lol)

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