I hope that the following blog will not make you think that I am big fat rich snob. I am not and I don't know if you are aware that I can only afford to drive a 15year old, mega petrol gulping, high emission emmiting swedish tank car but I came across this wardrobe on wheels in my street. So what's funny about that, one might say....Well it was not just the shape that was apathatic, what made me laugh most was the name of this little silver box,
SPARKY, Toyota SPARKY to be exact,
"No I dont take my dog for a walk, I ride it and and my pet takes me around!!!!"

I love the way the japanese come up with the name of the cars, anyone, for a nissan sunny or a nissan cherry, a suzuki swift or suzuki baleno isn't that bad, but forgive my stupidity, namining a car after a dog's name, is too gross!!! well I remember Spanky, the little cartoon dog, it looked nicer....maybe that's were the guys from toyota got the inspiration...staying on the same theme last year honda had a prototype box with wheels which was designed to carry just dogs...and no seat for the owner...

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