Robert Plant and Brian Adams

Looks like it is gonna be another summer graced with concerts of a great calibre. be sincere I still can’t believe that Roger Waters was here and I saw him LIVE in Malta. I’m not saying that the other performers who played concerts here were bad (I didn’t like Sting’s performance). I really enjoyed watching Elton John, Tina Turner, Marco Masini especially his last performance in the Gozo theatre. All three know how to get in touch with their audience. I didn’t enjoy the Australian Pink Floyd much, probably because I have seen the real thing twice. I was also disappointed with Joe Cocker’s performance too. Now I’m looking forward to the next best of this year especially the Malta Blues Wine Festival.
Robert Plant, the legendary front man of the 1970s rock band Led Zeppelin, is one of the international artists that will be playing live during the Malta Blues Wine Festival, next July.Robert Plant is expected to be in Malta for two days, and will be playing at a yet undisclosed location between the 16and 18 of July. The former Zeppelin vocalist will be one of a number of internationally acclaimed that will be playing at the Blues Festival, supported by a number of local bands. In Malta, Plant will be accompanied by his current band, Strange Sensation

Then it will be Brian Adams’s (the anthem of my youth) turn on the 28th of June and here are some Interesting Facts about Bryan Adams’s that Ana Carolina Mangelardo has wrote:
The Life of Bryan
* At 16, he quit school and convinced his mother to let him use the money she had saved for his college education to buy a baby grand piano.
* In 1976-77 he was the lead singer of the band Sweeney Todd. On the band’s recordings, his voice was speeded up so it didn’t sound so raspy. * During the 1998 Winnipeg Arena concert, Adams made a point of commenting on the venue’s huge portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, saying he had never seen a picture of her smiling. Then, in 2002 Adams photographed the monarch on her Golden Jubilee and his photo, with the Queen smiling, was used on a Canadian postage stamp.
* At every concert Adams pulls several members of the audience up on stage to sing and play instruments on Summer of ‘69. He also calls on one lucky girl to come up and sing When You’re Gone with him, the song he recorded with both Sporty Spice and most recently Pamela Anderson.
* It’s Only Love, the steamy duet Adams recorded with Tina Turner, spawned a series of rumours claiming the two were dating. Adams was also linked to Princess Diana. His ex-girlfriend Cecilie Thomsen alleged that Adams had an affair with the princess in 1996, after she split from Prince Charles. Incidentally Adams wrote a song called Diana in 1985 that begins:
Oh the first time I saw you was in a magazine
The next time you was walking ‘cross my television screen
I knew right then and there that I had to make you mine
The day that he married you I nearly lost my mind.
* Adams was Michael J. Fox’s high school classmate.
* In addition to his love of photography, Adams has flirted with acting. He played a gas station attendant in the 1989 movie Pink Cadillac starring Clint Eastwood and in the 2002 film House of Fools; he played a hallucination of himself.
* Adams has had a few close calls on his motorcycle. In 2000, he hurt his knee and bruised his hip and ribcage when he crashed into a tree in Jamaica. And while riding his bike through London, England, in 2003, he was shot in the back with an air-rifle that left a hole in his leather jacket. The singer told BBC Radio 2 that, “It was the weirdest thing.”
* Adams refused to allow his song Only the Strong Survive, from the album Into the Fire, to be used for the film Top Gun (1986) because he felt that the movie glorified war.
* A 2005 British poll found that Adams’ hit Everything I Do (I Do It for You) is the most popular choice for the first dance at U.K. weddings.
* Adams has been involved with Greenpeace since the 1980s, contributing songs, time and resources to its campaigns. In particular, he helped the organization create the Southern Antarctic Ocean sanctuary for whales.
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