Mosta Dome

The following text was nicked without permission from the official tourism site of Malta, Gozo and Comino ( and I am very disappointed that in the site with should be promoting so much our country one only finds just these couple of line to describe such a
magnificent temple and such beautiful architecture...I would like to excuse again myself about the poor quality of the pictures but again my sony ericsson came to the rescue...enjoy and if you are Maltese, be proud and shame to the tourism board again..I will try to take some further pictures some other times because these are not enough... Here are the couple of miserable lines I was talking about...

"Built in 1860 over another church that was built in 1614, the church of St. Mary is the Parish church of Mosta. The interior of the church is quite impressive with its circular shape and clear interior.

The awesome dome is the fourth largest in the world and famous due to the incident that took place during WWII – a bomb, which pierced the dome in 1942 landed on the church floor and slid across the floor without exploding! The church was crowded when the bomb hit and all were spared. The bomb is now on display in a small museum attached to the church.

Mosta’s titular feast - that of St. Mary or the Assumption of Our Lady is a high point in the local religious celebrations. The Mostin rally in front of the Rotunda is a manifestation of joy, merrymaking and social wellbeing".

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