The Malta Bus in Gozo

During my last visit to our sister island, Gozo, this weekend, I happened to come across one of the finest example of our classic buses and I do think that it is a shame that this particular driver/owner, who is so proud of his vehicle and of the job that he does, (believe me it is not an easy one), is not supported by the central or Malta transport authority.
I was really amazed by the state he kept his vehicle, the task is even more difficult after all it is a public vehicle running on the most popular run from Mgarr Harbour to Victoria. Just take a look at the pictures, I have taken. The paint shimmering, the chrome shining and the floors and seats spotlessly clean and keeping aside the stupid stickers attached to the front part wear the driver sits to drive, this bus looks like it has just came out from the coach builder. You have to keep in mind that this particular model is more 60 years old and even if the ride was not that comfortable, it gives an unexplainable charm to the journey and a beautiful reminder of the good old days... who wants the ugly looking Chinese buses that are doing the runs today who just look like they came out from a cheese factory, especially the ones in Malta with the yellow and orange colour scheme, they remind me of a deli counter, cheddar and red Leicester cheese anyone? Where are the Jacob’s! Mmmm!
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