Gonzi makes triumphant return to Castille

Lawrence Gonzi made a triumphant return to the Auberge de Castille this afternoon after having been sworn in for his second term as Prime Minister a few minutes earlier.

He arrived outside the Office of the Prime Minister amid cheers by a large crowd which had been waiting in a cold wind as he walked slowly from the Palace, greeting hundreds of supporters who lined the street.

Dr and Mrs Gonzi arrived at the top of the stairs outside Castille at 6 p.m. and stopped to take a picture with their family before entering the building.

Waiting inside were the newly-elected Nationalist MPs and the staff of the Office of the Prime Minister.

Dr Gonzi and Mrs Gonzi appeared in the building's central window within a few minutes, throwing the crowd into fresh cheers as they waved from a rostrum which enabled them to stand on the window in full view of the people who blared horns, waved flags and chanted Gonzi, Gonzi.

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