27/7/07. The Simpsons Movie- Catastrophe comes to cinema worldwide-

No good or bad review for an avid fan like me of the now made it to the 18th series that is 10 long years cartoons show (which took the world by storm wherever it has been transmitted) will stop me from making it to the cinema to finally see the new stretched to 80 minutes episode which is called simply The Simpsons Movie J...from the trailer alone I can see that this is a film that's so funny it could endanger your health, the problem is that the jokes come so thick and fast, you almost need an interval to recover from them...well what can a humble men like me say more...I’m definitely going to see it for at least once..(Friends know why I said for at least once...).

It takes a wide screen to fully capture Homer’s stupidity and the movie does it...this particular guy has to save the world from a catastrophe that he has created himself

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