What I watched tonight! Argo.

Smart, suspenseful and Ultimately Satisfying

I don't usually go out of my way to see political thrillers. Argo" is one of those movies I would have passed up watching had it not been for one catch. The idea of the government using the making of a fake space / fantasy film to free hostages from Iran intrigued me. Once again, I'm very glad I listened to my instincts and took it in.

This is a really good thriller based on the little known attempt to rescue 6 Americans hiding in the Canadian embassy during the Iranian hostage crisis. Director Ben Affleck skillfully ratchets up the suspense while delivering a believable performance as Tony Mendez a CIA technician who devises a highly imaginative escape plan that could easily qualify for an episode of Mission:Impossible. Chris Terrio's adapted screenplay explains the basis for Iranian hostility toward Americans before settling into a human drama focusing on a group of low level diplomatic operatives facing the possibility of imminent death. "Argo" is an exciting political thriller which will have you white- knuckled and gripping the edge of your seat. Director Ben Affleck did a great job keeping up the suspense and pacing in the film. Even though you know how it's going to end, you are still nervous for the characters as you watch. That's just good filmmaking in my book. Site Meter


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