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Remembering Steve Jobs- a tribute in pictures.

Steve Jobs:

From a college dropout to heading an over $350 billion Apple empire, Steve Jobs dramatically transformed the worlds of personal computing, music and mobile phones, ushering in a new digital era. Yesterday the world lost a visionary and a most innovative and creative entrepreneur who always stood up every time he failed. A man who really changed the world.

We are gonna miss you Steve! You touched an ugly world of technology and made it beautiful.

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice.''
"Stay hungry, stay foolish."

"Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me … Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful … that's what matters to me." Steve Jobs

It’s time to say goodbye to an iCon: Steve Jobs has passed away at age 56. He was visionary, revolutionary, transformative, innovative, pioneering and will forever live in our hearts.


The Electronics Club at Homestead High School

Age 14

Age 16

Age 17


With Woz and a blue box in 1974

Hippie days

With Woz, and the Apple I computer, in 1976

With Woz, and the Apple I computer, in 1976

With Woz, and the Apple I computer, in 1976

Between Dan Kottke and Woz

With Dan Kottke


With Mike Marrkula

With Intel co-founder Bob Noyce

Behind Jef Raskin

Group photo, from L to R: Mike Scott, Steve Jobs, Jef Raskin, Chris Espinosa and Woz


At Ben Rosen's birthday with Regis McKenna

Outside Woz's home


NeXT Station introduction 15 September 1990

With Bill Gates

Eminent members of the Macintosh team: Andy Hertzfeld, Bill Atkinson, Bud Tribble and Steve Jobs, meet at Andy's house for his 40th birthday (April 6, 1993)

Steve Jobs with Sun's Scott McNealy

Undated 1990-1995

With NeXT's temporary COO Peter Van Cuylenburg

With Morgan Stanley executives in 1994


Steve Jobs with his son Reed

Triumph of the Nerds

1995 - 1996 – Pixar / Return to Apple

Emeryville, California, USA --- Pixarians lounge with CEO Steve Jobs, on couch front right, and John Lasseter, lying down on couch, in screening room before the launch of movie Toy Story. All the animators in the picture became multimillionaires with their stock options.

Pixar CEO Steve Jobs and Disney CEO Michael Eisner

Steve Jobs and Apple CEO Gil Amelio


Woz, Steve Jobs and Gil Amelio @Macworld SF 7 January 1997

Bill Gates on the big screen @Macworld Boston 6 August 1997

06 Aug 1997, Boston, Massachusetts, USA --- MACWORLD EXHBITION IN BOSTON

Steve Jobs with Jonathan Ive and Laurene after the keynote @Macworld Boston 6 August 1997

Power Mac G3 Special Event (10 Nov 1997)

Power Mac G3 Special Event (10 Nov 1997)

Macworld San Francisco (6 Jan 1998)

Macworld San Francisco (6 Jan 1998)

iMac Special Event (6 May 1998)

Macworld NY (7 Jul 1998)

Apple Expo (17 Sep 1998)

Introducing Mac OS X Server on Mar 16, 1999

With Quark founder Fred Ebrahimi, introducing XPress 6

05 Jan 1999, San Francisco, California, United States --- STEVE JOBS PRESENTS THE NEW APPLE MODELS

Macworld SF (5 Jan 1999)

Macworld SF (5 Jan 1999)

Macworld SF (5 Jan 1999)

Trying to demo Mac OS X Server with 50 iMacs @Macworld Tokyo (18 Feb 1999)

With Mac OS X chief developer Avie Tevanian @WWDC (10 May 1999 )

Steve Jobs and actor Noah Wyle @Macworld NY (21 Jul 1999)

Seybold SF (31 Aug 1999)

With Avie Tevanian at Apple (30 Sep 1999)

iMac DV Special Event (5 Oct 1999)

2000 – 2001

In the Apple board room

Steve Jobs announces he is giving up his interim title @Macworld SF (5 Jan 2000)

Steve Jobs with Sun's Scott McNealy

Steve Jobs introduces the Power Mac G4 Cube @Macworld NY (19 Jul 2000)

With Jony Ive (Product Design) and Katie Cotton (PR) @Macworld NY (19 Jul 2000)

Preparing a keynote in June 2001

iBook introduction (1 May 2001)

Ron Johnson, Tim Cook, Steve Jobs and Fred Anderson Introducing Apple's retail stores (15 May 2001)

With Jon Rubistein - Opening of the Palo Alto store (6 Oct 2001)

iPod introduction (23 Oct 2001)

iPod introduction (23 Oct 2001)

With Michael Eisner and Roy Disney @Monsters Inc. Premiere (28 Oct 2001)

2002 – 2003

With Jony Ive and the iMac G4

Opening of the NY SoHo Store (17 Jul 2002)

Music Event (iTunes Store) (28 Apr 2003)

Steve Jobs answering Walt Mossberg's questions on stage @All Things D: D1 (28 May 2003)

Music Event (iTunes for Windows) (16 Oct 2003)


SF Apple Store opening (28 Feb 2004)

Steve, John Lasseter, Richard Cook, David Stainton @Finding Nemo Premiere (18 May 2004)

With Walt Mossberg @All Things D: D2 (7 Jun 2004)

Music Event (Euro Store) (15 Jun 2004)

Opening of the first mini stores (16 Oct 2004)

Scott Forstall, Steve and Avie Tevanian

Laurene Powell-Jobs, Steve Jobs, Pixar's Dr. Ed Catmull and his daughter @77th Academy Awards (27 Feb 2005)

With Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher @All Things D: D3 (22 May 2005)

With Jony Ive @D&AD Design Awards (25 May 2005)

Stanford commencement address (12 Jun 2005)

Glenn Lowry, Ed Catmull, Steve, John Lasseter, Steve Higgings and Ron Magliozzi @Pixar exhibit at the NY MOMA (13 Dec 2005)

Meeting with Tony Blair at Cisco, Jul 30, 2006

Opening of the NY Fifth Avenue Store (19 May 2006)

Nike+iPod event (23 May 2006)


79th Academy Awards (25 Feb 2007)

EMI CEO Eric Nicoli, Damon Albarn and Steve

With Walt Mossberg @All Things D: D5 (30 May 2007)

iPhone launch day (29 Jun 2007)

Special Event (new iMacs) (7 Aug 2007)

iPhone launch in the UK (18 Sep 2007)

iPhone launch in Germany (19 Sep 2007)

California Hall of Fame (5 Dec 2007)

2007 Nobel Prize (10 Dec 2007)

iPhone SDK introduction (6 Mar 2008)

WWDC 2008 (9 May 2008)

2010 -

iPad introduction (27 Jan 2010)

With the Pixar team @82nd Academy Awards (7 Mar 2010)

iOS 4 introduction (8 Apr 2010)

All Things D: D8 (1 Jun 2010)

iPhone 4 introduction @WWDC 2010 (7 Jun 2010)

President Medvedev at Apple (24 Jun 2010)

Antennagate press conference (16 Jul 2010)

Steve Jobs with former AT&T CEO Stan Sigman, who worked with Apple on the first iPhone @Wireless Hall of Fame Dinner (5 Oct 2010)

Dinner with President Obama (17 Feb 2011)

Pad 2 introduction (2 Mar 2011)

Steve Jobs back on stage to introduce iCloud @WWDC 2011 (6 Jun 2011)

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