"No Reservations"- It is as precious as a truffle

Well I’m back to my lovely country Malta after a much considered necessary, holiday and given that I don’t have a tendency to go to cinemas when I’m abroad and I was looking for a relaxing friday evening, my choice fell on what I thought at first an easy romantic comedy by the name of No Reservations at my favorite movie complex in Valetta.

In a couple of words the reason why I really loved this movie is because it made me feel sorry for not persisting my career as a chef and then again the reason why thank God I quit doing it. The reason being that some people think that they can instruct someone so passionate about his job the way he or she should do their dishes. Mind you it did at sometimes made me remember how good it feels during the service hours when one is just pushed to the limit to get the dishes to the customers fast. Another reason why I enjoyed watching it is that it is sumptuous celebration of the most important things in life, succulent food, fine wine, fantastic music and an unpredictable, nevertheless a fantastic way of falling in love…yet this is not your usual romantic comedy It’s the rare comedy that recognizes that it isn’t artificial obstacles that keep potential couples apart and keep us all from happiness, but our own hang-ups, our own hard headed attitude. This is one of those rare movies, which has a lot of meanings, because it isn’t dealing in sitcom funny lines. It is more of a ‘dramedy’ than a flat-out laugh riot. Even if the he previews for this film accentuate the light, flirty moments. The film has much more gut-wrenching scenes about some pretty devastating life changes which the movie doesn’t try to sugarcoat and that what makes you feel part of it and feel sympathy for all three main characters.

Many of us find great pleasure and safety in the illusion that we can control our lives by abiding to a strict regimen of rules, routines, and practices, but life is full of surprises and we are often sent in new directions by changes we never imagined. Kate is a successful, celebrated New York chef, wholly contented in her work, and seemingly in her life, too: if other people have a problem with her prickly perfectionism, well, that’s no concern of hers. But then her sister dies and single-and-fine-with-it Kate gets an instant family in the form of her nine-year-old niece, Zoe.

Further complications arise when she drops by the restaurant and discovers that there is a new sous chef, Nick, a fun-loving young man who likes to crack jokes and listen to opera while working. He actually took the job in order to work with Kate, but she sees him as a threat and gives him the cold shoulder. Zoe, however, really likes Nick and even eats the food he prepares when she visits the kitchen. She sets up a date between Kate and Nick, which turns into a surprisingly pleasant evening. Although their personalities are very different, they share a love of cooking, food, and the sense of taste. Nick turns out to be, you know, a really great guy who endears himself to grieving Zoe and rattles Kate’s emotional gratification.

These three are all real people. Kate’s self-involvement is not portrayed as villainy or bitchiness, as these kinds of films so often tend to do; Nick is not so ridiculously ideal that he’s a cartoon; and Zoe feels like a genuinely troubled and miserable kid (and with good reason to be) and how they all help one another rings with sweet sincerity. It is fascinating to watch Kate slowly open up her life to Zoe and Nick after years of being shut-down. They are fun-lovers, and she begins to see that she has missed out on the many joys that can come from simple things like pillow fights, riding bikes, and playing board games. Once Kate realizes that she has no control over her life, she is on the path to transformation.

It is an old and universal story but one that bears many hints and situations to learn from that there are many simple things in life and these are the things that make us feel happy deep down inside.

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