Another event worth attending...

Another event worth attending in aid of the children in Albania... Next weekend (11,12, and 13th May 2007) a group of young people will be holding a car wash marathon near the Ta' Xbiex Yacht Marina (Malta). The funds collected will be then used by a group of youths who generously travel to Albania, and work with the Dominican order to run a small (c 300 - 400 children) summer camp.
Come on guys and gals spare some of the weekend booze money for the people who are more in need then we are and look flashier on saturday night in your shimmering washed car... If you can't make it send a Lm1 donation on sms no.50617374
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Windu said…
and besides that your car can be washed thoroughly by yours truly ... you can get the booze from from our bar and have a bite too :)

Thanks codama for reserving some space too.

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