What I watched tonight! About a Boy

No men is an island, however there are some men who are better off being an island

After going through a summer with varying degrees of crappy movies I decided to hit up this film which I haven't seen in a while. I realized I was watching nothing short of magic. A novel by Nick Hornby, is the basis for this film  It concerns Will Freeman a well off, single man quite satisfied living alone and enjoying the carefree Bachelor's life. At the same time a young twelve-year-old boy named Marcus Brewer  who enjoys singing to himself, bullied at school, and is hard pressed living with a single, lonely, depressed and suicidal-prone mother. By themselves they are in desperate need of companionship, but once they discover each other, they realize their needs are similar. The answer to both their problems is met when they learn, Life is sharing and each has more to offer than they believe possible. The film is a delight to view as we watch both Characters trying desperately to solve their personal dilemmas without asking for help. Thus the quote 'No Man is an Island' becomes important. All in all, the movie strikes a cord for anyone seeking comfort in the solace of independence. In this day and age where single parents have become the norm, this film offers more than just humor, it illustrates the fact, everyone needs someone. Easily recommended. **** The film is genuinely funny and insanely sweet. This is a film not to be missed especially when you have re-hashed rubbish being recycled over and over again. It is a true breath of fresh air.
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