Melita Mobile what a big fu** up

Well finally, Melita Cable has launched the mobile service, but even if they are claiming a 30% discount, one has to look at the small print before you commit yourself because this is just a marketing ploy which Melita Cable are so famous for.

If you are a Vodafone or a Go user you might say that on average I pay 32cents per minute to use my mobile phone to call. Yes you are right but you have to bear in mind that Melita Cable will be charging you a full charge for the first minute whereas if you use Vodafone or Go you are charged by the second, so that means that if you call using Melita mobile for just 30 seconds which is the average call length you will be charged a full 23 cents by Melita Mobile whereas Vodafone or Go will only charge you 16 cents so that is the best well planned trick that I’ve heard of lately and that doesn’t put Melita Mobile as the cheapest so be careful before you do any changes
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