Harry Vassallo to submit his resignation

Harry Vassallo, leader of Alternattiva Demokratika, has announced he will submit his resignation from the chairmanship of the party at its next meeting next month.

AD polled just 3,810 votes nation-wide last Saturday, equivalent to 1.31 percent of the total vote. The party got 0.68 percent of the vote in the 2003 election (when it actually campaigned for number 2 votes) and 1.21 percent in the 1998 elections.

Dr Vassallo admitted that the party had expected much better this time around. He said he would submit his resignation but would stay on if the party so requested him, although he would prefer to work as a foot soldier.

Dr Vassallo said the electoral law needed to be reformed because although AD had won the equivalent of a quota, it would not be represented in Parliament. There was also a need for election debate to focus on issues of substance rather than personalities, he said.

The AD leader congratulated Lawrence Gonzi on his victory and sent his best wishes to Dr Sant, who is resigning.

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