As most of my readers know I tend to have a soft spot with anything which is usually designed to be enjoyed mostly by children. Could it be that a (small :)) part of me never accepted the idea of growing up or the reason might be that when I think of getting older, I just get rid of the idea and that helps me feel younger at heart.

Well as you might have read earlier one of the best film in my opinion of 2007 was Ratatouille and after the massive success made from Pixar thanks to the little character of Remy, on the 17th of June and that means that probably we will be seeing it in Malta around October if not for the Christmas season, we will have a new contender to soften our heart. Its/His name is Wall-E and so is the name of the new animated film by Disney-Pixar. Wall-E is a tiny robot, with sweet eyes very clumsy but otherwise a fantastic little thing.
Here is the latest teaser/trailer and I recommend you watch this precious new gem, which I’m sure will have the same repeated success or cuts the mustard even better (I don’t think that the new character aspires to become a chef as well so I think, the last sentence was out of place)…Enjoy the trailer and don't worry, it's just a phase when one tends to talk too much to himself :) and he even writes them...SICKO

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