American couple name children: Lexus, Porsche and Audi

At some point in the past 20 years, it seems as though parents abruptly decided to switch from names like Michelle and Jimmy to names like Madison and Hunter. The naming trend obviously didn't sit well with one Texas couple, who decided to name their children after luxury car manufacturers. The Lone Star duet named their first child Lexus after the new father saw a Lexus driving by. The name Porsche was shot down for the first child, but when Craig and Sondra Harrington found out they were expecting twins, Ferdinand's namesake was back in the fold. To keep up with the German naming convention, the other child now dons the Audi name.
As it turns out, the Harringtons aren't even car nuts, but they may be a bit weird. Something tells us the twins had better be tough , because they're likely going to have to get physical to keep kids from picking on them. Besides, Texas is a Pick-Up country.
Shouldn't they have gone with Silverado and Tundra? F-Series is probably a bit over the top, but Sierra could make a great girl's name

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