Man fills car, pays and forgets it at petrol station

Some people forget their wallets, while others continuously leave their glasses or housekeys on the dining room table. I know a guy who forgot to replace the fuel hose at a petrol station before driving off (the replacement cost of a breakaway hose is around 96 euros). Let's face it: we all forget stuff sometimes. People have a lot of serious issues on their minds, after all. Stuff like the upcoming local election, the introduction of the euro in malta and lot od other thoughts all weigh heavily on our minds. But you get the point: it's easy to get distracted these days. The perfect example of this occurred in Germany last Friday, when a man reportedly drove to a service station, filled up, paid for his purchase, and proceeded to walk home. Eventually, someone called the cops who tracked down the owner. He then hurried back to collect his ride that was sitting at the petrolstation where he left it. Hey, at least he didn't drive off like a jackass with the filler still attached.
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[Source: Reuters]


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