What is a Kiss . . .

Can you taste the essence that simple delight..?
When you close your eyes and the moment is right
When the world we belong to is forgotten so fast
As time moves so slow as the present becomes the past
My lips upon yours that emotional embrace
My minds in a tumble, my hearts in a race
My face in your hands, as the energies arise
A moment so lustful, a kiss mesmerized
My eyes are closed yet I see your soul
As it enters my body and makes me whole
I taste your life I taste you slow
I taste forever in a kiss I know
A feeling so familiar yet somehow always new
That feeling of attraction that bonding for two
A kiss, what is it..? What greatness it holds
A sacred secret, as destiny unfolds
The passion, the pleasure, that simple delight
Yet a kiss is a kiss when the moment is right . . .
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