The irony behind this viral which in reality it is advertising for a dvd rental site, pushes me to make some reflections. What if it was possible to rent a wife?

It would be easy testing out someone for a couple of days and then decide if you keep it for longer days or not. Repetitions annoy so later on would it be easy to get back the original wife? As you read my couple of lines, I can see the ladies all red with anger towards me but what will you think if even you can rent a husband? Isn’t it an interesting idea? Then again I think that this ad was a success because both the male and females of today’s generation nowadays lack the way our earlier parents used to build better relationships based on communication, as much time together and caring for each other and not how much I’m gonna look rich financially in front of society at the price of not knowing and learning to discover the good and the bad of the person whom I’m gonna grow old since both parties will be spending 80 hours a week at work to cover the wedding's costs alone...So this idea sounds tempting since nowadays nobody seems to bother what one has to endure their partners but I don't agree that the idea is viable...if not for anything at least emotionally wise.

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