Malta and the Maltese Islands (Spirit of Malta)

If you write malta or the maltese islands in google or other search engine, you get 143,000 results of home pages which are related but most of them especially the official Tourism Site visitmalta is just boring. I came across a very well made site about my country and if you want to see what a jewel of a place we live in I recomend you check it out, especially the virtual tours.
the site is

if you don't have time for that or like what happened in my case I got spellbound (no not an eurovision song) and spent most of the afternoon checking out this particular site and have other things to do check out this video.
Filmed and edited by Alexander Chorny (yes foriegners tend to appreciate more)between 02.05 to 08.05 and edited in just 2 hours (the night before he had to get his plane back home for vacation, and made especially to show Malta to his friends and parents back in Ukraine).

It's called Spirit of Malta and it is just amazing both visually and even the choice of band, in this case Winter Moods and my favourite tune Everydays Song, provide the perfect musical accompaniment to this visual feast. Enjoy...and if you are like me proud of being maltese, spread the word around...
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