Earth Garden

Nowadays one is really spoilt for choice when it comes to going out, thanks to so many activities, mostly cultural ones happening almost every weekend and I’m very sorry that I will not be able to attend any this weekend, especially the earth garden event which is gonna take place at Ta' Qali National Park this evening and all day tomorrow.

I completely forgot about it even if it was very heavily publicized. It is being organized by Exit Promotion and they are experts in organizing out door activities, the most famous being the Tribu’ Festivals which have always attracted tens of thousands of people every year. However it has been two years since they have organized similar activities so I’m sure it will be out of this world. It is an excellent idea that this particular festivals are orginized since they promote environmental issues and a better way to preserve it.

Apart from the various activities which are being organized during the day in an Open Village where artists will be exposing their creations being sculptures, paintings and photos, and a variety of world cuisine dishes being prepared for this occasion, what I was mostly looking forward to was the evening performances by Renzo Spiteri, Nafra and especially Etnika who have not done any live performances locally for the last two years.

So what can I say, if you have some free time just pop down to Ta’ Qali National Park and let me know what I’ve been missing...

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