Pregnant on the campaign trail:Labour MP Justyne Caruana on being pregnant during the election campaign

It was not to be a normal campaign for the youngest and one of the most talented women in Maltese parliament. She is not only one of the few women in parliament, but she is also Gozitan, young, as well as a married practicing lawyer, added to all that, she was eight months pregnant when the Prime Minister decided to call it a day on the previous legislature and kick off an electoral campaign.

“It was different than five years ago when I first contested elections. This time round I was weighing 72 kilos, which is some 22 kilos over my normal weight, so one of the first problems was a mobility issue. I had to slow down even though I did not want to stop home visits and seeing clients. But there were moments when it had to be baby first,” says Justyne, when asked about her experience during the electoral campaign.

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Baby Josephine was born on 15 February, bang in the middle of the campaign. “It was a very important moment for me, yet difficult. It took me another week to recover and at that moment it was all about baby Josephine. My family was very important for me, not least my husband, Silvio, who is of great moral and physical support. When it was not possible for me to continue campaigning, my father, uncles and aunts, cousins, my 88-year old grand father and friends, continued the job for me. But it was not easy for them, they used to joke, saying that campaigning for me without me actually being there was like having a procession without a statue.”

Her life since the arrival of her baby has taken a new twist. “Silvio and I will be making sure we give the best upbringing for our baby and of course continue working. I did not stop. My mother takes care of Josephine when we are at work and in the evening we spend time with our baby.”

“My message goes out to all young women, not to give up and always look forward. In the last five years I was elected in parliament, started practicing as a lawyer, got married and now I have a baby. Everything falls in its place if you keep the faith and have the will and courage to continue, this is not only for women in politics, which I encourage, but also for women who want to build a career. Where there is will there is a way,” said the Labour MP.


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