Disney Channel proudly presents-The Maltese General Election-08/03/2008 (Vera Pajjiz tal-Mickey Mouse) Pt 2 Dom Mintoff "may" contest the election 08

Former Prime Minister Dom Mintoff "may" contest the general election as an independent candidate, PBS reported tonight.

It said the 91-year-old former MLP leader would not confirm or deny the possibility.

Mr Mintoff successfully contested 14 elections since 1945 and was a member of parliament until 1998 when he did not stand for the general election of that year. He also did not stand in 2003.

Josie Muscat, leader of Azzjoni Nazzjonalim said that Mr Mintoff would not stand with Azzjoni Nazzjonali, although he confirmed having had meetings with him, finding him to be 'energetic.'

Mr Mintoff's last foray in political life was to oppose EU membership.

Dear Josie, you should know well enough that Mintoff never plans to run into a defeat for anyone. This chap never stops from surprising and leaving everyone guessing is part of his game...

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