Dear nationalist party candidate for the 1st district,

Dear nationalist party candidate for the 1st district,

I still feel disappointed after 15 years and 4 general elections and one of the thing that let me down most is that no one ever took the time to hear my story and since this is free press here is my contemplation of the so many times that I was stupid enough to keep voting you even if your party kept cheating me. I always held tourism at heart and I still do so when I got my qualifications I looked forward to join what those days was the 4 year full time Diploma in Higher Hotel Management at the Institute of Tourism Studies, which had to lead to a degree at the Malta University. Funnily enough when your party went back to power this course change to a 2 year course leading to just a simple certificate.

I worked in all departments of the catering business and I worked in positions where whenever I could I promote the Maltese islands, then again in 1996 I voted for you even if I had to register for the vat when I only used to try to offer excursions around the country for the visitors and that meant that most of the times the Vat department didn’t believe that I made so little income.

In 1997 under the labour government I was offered an Lm1200 monthly job with a local telecommunication company and nobody helped the 150 staff that were made redundant in 2002 with no reason at all after implementing the whole internet and telephony network around Malta.

I had to resort back to on and off part time jobs yet most people where being recruited within companies even if most of them knew nothing about that particular business. When the tourism industry hit the bottom I leased a catering facility and even if it was very challenging I was doing very well and your party was right to say that people were living better, until your party implemented the smoking ban abruptly and even if I was in favour of it, it was the hardest blow for any small and young enterpriser so I had to close down the business. Everyone had to sip his own medicine when the Labour party was elected in 1996 but I’m proud to say that it was not my fault even if the un-kept promises looked fascinating.

Being a very hardworking person and very flexible I manage to find a different job in logistics and incident management but I had to resign the reason being is that that hard working people are giving a hard time by colleagues , especially by foreigners since hard working staff made them look like they are doing half the load the Maltese people were doing. I had to resort once again to the ETC, where no matter how many times you call you can never find what’s really happening and who is responsible for the organisation.

So this is my story and once again I don’t know to whom I will cast my vote come March 2008. I’ve made the same mistake four times so I’m left with very little options and even if I still don’t trust the leader of opposition, there’s always other options

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Anonymous said…
You are a liar and a thief and that is why you were sacked from your last job. You were never made redundant and the rat description of youself suits you well enough as liars and thieves need to continously sneak around to find some good to feed on.
CODama said…
Thanks so much Miss/Mr. (I think it’s more of a miss, in a nervous breakdown)Anonymous, for paying a visit to my blog and leaving a comment but, it is funny how people resort to hiding their name when their aim is to throw mud at people, and to chuck their frustration especially when nowadays they are not as powerful as they used to be since the big boss has moved to Malta and he is also responsible of the consul, so as you can see, I think I know who you might be.

Probably the person who had to resort to threats when nobody turned up to work (the staff who had to turn to work did not come because they were drunk or funnily enough they forgot or became sick an hour before they had to turn up to work). Probably, the person who said that staff are only allowed to disturb me, only if the office is on fire. Probably the person who was not even capable to face me when I made my resignation and was afraid I was gonna run you over as I was driving away from the office for the last time. I was in a hurry because I had to run to work, because I don’t need anyone’s help to find a better job, what, I was already doing it while I was waiting for you to accept my resignation letter (There are enough jobs for the people who want to work (I’m sorry for your friend but wise bosses don’t hire foreigners, wise bosses have a motto, that once bitten twice shy).
For your information and I’m sure being the nosey person you are, you already know; I work for a very important Charity and I’m making twice the money and nowadays I work normal social hours then I used to, while I’m helping who is in need. And now that we are in the subject before pointing your finger at me and with all the distress you are in, you are not seeing what’s happening behind back doors. At the office staff are shooting heroin in their toes and smoking marihuana in the public toilet and in the break room, but being not the person that you said I am and since you know that because of my religion I cannot take you to court for the intimidation, the threats, the terror and the harassment, still I never reported anything to the big boss, even if that meant I had to work more for the teammate who was in space while they should have been doing their job, while on duty…you should know well enough that some members of staff are not able to last more than an hour without having some venom in their blood, due to their bad habit. (You know well enough who they are since you even made them go thru a rehabilitation treatment but that was to no avail) another one had the guts to resign when he saw that he couldn’t control his habit.

I thank you again for your comment and I welcome you to toss your disturbance whenever you like in here, especially since I keep imagining the department you are running is in utter mess, now that the flooding season is not over yet and still nobody gives a toss about you, not even your dears…let alone the staff, so I forgive you and writing down how you feeling is a very good way of letting the steam off your system, and this could be of help to my ex colleagues who are unlucky enough to still have you as their boss.

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