Daniela Xuereb- Art from the Heart

The first thing that I read every Sunday morning are the magazines that are laden with adverts which come free with the Sunday papers. Mind you, most of the times; most articles are really boring except for the ones in my favourite magazine 'Homeworks', which I tend to, read every part of it, sometimes even more than once.

Last Sunday’s freebie was the Sunday Circle and as from today till the 8th of March, the only 'model’s' gracing the front pages of all magazines will be Alfred Sant or Lawrence Gonzi and that had already put me off reading it, but since it was the only available I just sat and started going thru the ads and some articles. When I made it to page 35, (it took me seconds) I was captivated by a lovely smile and that made me read the article with more interest, but to be sincere I spent most of the time looking at the pictures at first, (men will be men!)

The article was about a young lady who goes by the name of Daniela Xuereb and about the love of art that she has since she was young. She gets inspired by her life and living. She also finds inspiration from the different cultures in the world and by the stories that people have to tell, joyful ones that they treasure and also about the ones that might have caused torment.
Daniela’s paintings are illogical but still I was moved by each stroke, by the choice of colours, one over the other and the way she blends them together. Somehow her work bypasses one’s reason and plays with one’s emotions instead, seducing you into seeing the depths hidden in them like Narnia in Lucy's old wardrobe.

Her paintings appear tranquil, yet are full of movement; they seem neutral but are made up of countless colours; they have delicate surfaces woven like a tapestry of acrylic that make one’s eyes plunge through into incomprehensible depths. They appear empty, but rarely are paintings so full... the only way one can sense her paintings fully, is not by scrutinising them, but by letting them infiltrate the body and mind, just like ghosts. Only then one can start to feel the way through the surface, into the depths created by I wonder how many layers of paint.

Even if she doesn’t paint raging waterfalls or avalanches, she still makes you feel a similar sense of awe, of profound scale. There's a feeling of looking at something close up and yet simultaneously far away. I regret that I didn’t know that she had an exhibition earlier on this year but I look forward to attend the next one and why not a myriad of them...In my opinion the following poem explains what this young lady tries to express with her paintings, instead of words...

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a Heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And Eternity in an hour

From Auguries of Innocence by William Blake
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