3rd of June- Dun Gorg Preca

The 3rd of June 2007 is now a new glorious page in Maltese history. It is on this day, after two millennia of Christianity that a Maltese person has been raised to the official state of sainthood. I refer of course to the canonization of Dun Ġorġ Preca.
To mark this historical event, the MaltaMedia Online Network has prepared a special commemorative feature. The scope of this feature is to offer an objective look at the life of this great man who has left an indelible mark on the Maltese way of life. While he first and foremost a religious figure, there's no denying Dun Ġorġ's impact from a social perspective.
We should expect other Maltese to follow on the sainthood list in the near future; Nazju Falzon and Adeodata Pisani have already been declared venerable. The criteria for canonization are fairly rigorous, but there's no doubt the Maltese are tenacious when it comes to resolve and goodness.
Now is the time to celebrate all the good things that Dun Ġorġ introduced into Maltese life.

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Toni Sant said…
A credit for the source of this text would be nice! ;-)

CODama said…
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CODama said…
You are right Toni I tought the malta media link was enough. I'm sorry.
Toni Sant said…
Thanks! Much appreciated.

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