Disney Channel proudly presents-The Maltese General Election-08/03/2008 (Vera Pajjiz tal-Mickey Mouse)Norman Lowell will contest the election 08

Norman Lowell will contest the general election of Malta
The nonconformist far-right Imperium Europa leader Norman Lowell will be contesting the upcoming general election.

Mr. Lowell came into the political game as the voice of anti-immigration in 2003. He reached the height of his popularity in 2005 with an infamous speech in Ħal Safi, during which he suggested that if need be, immigrants' boats should be sunk 14 miles out at sea.
Shortly after that speech he was charged twice with inciting racial hatred but the cases were put off.
He was arrested and charged with inciting racial hatred and, among other things, for joking about the president in 2006 but the case has not yet been decided.
Since 2005, particularly after the formation of Alleanza Nazzjonali Repubblikana (ANR), his movement was fractured and now counts only a small number of loyal supporters.

The news was discovered by Sandro Vella a blogger (www.sandrovella.org ) who attended a meeting this Saturday in which Norman Lowell announced his intention.

Asked how he felt about contesting the parliamentary elections, Lowell replied: “This will give Maltese people the chance to heed my warnings, just as Enoch Powell warned the British in the 1960’s. Dire consequences face the nation for taking the wrong path.” Lowell also stated that he can have a clear conscience in doing all that one man can do to save Malta. “I have given the Maltese people the opportunity to take back their island from the corrosive duopoly.” In his closing words he said that “Maltese will, in years to come, say the same of him as they say of Powell in the UK today. Malta’s fate lies in that hands of the residents of the 11th and 12th districts.”
He decided to contest the 11th and 12th districts under the Imperium Europa label. James Cauchi, an unknown, will be contesting the 9th and 10th district on behalf of Viva Malta, which is aligned to, but not part of, the Imperium Europa movement.
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