Lyndsay Pace- The Truth in Me

I was talking to a old pal of mine on msn and he is into music big time and when he recommend a video of a local new singer I was kind of taken back since I was busy writing and updating most of my stuff but since he insisted I clicked on the link to see this video of a local performer, new to me by the name of Lyndsay Pace.

I was greeted by a failed romance which most of the times is the basis of most rock ballads, but it looks like this hard habit of breaking up has hardened the artist in this determined ballad "The Truth in Me."

She "oohs" over a somber piano, creating a wintry tone. She promises herself to do make different decisions than he did. She won't let him make her feel miserable and impulsive. He drew her in all this with his cold pretense. However, it's only caused her to become disillusioned even if she still feel his presence and she keeps longing for his return. Even if during the chorus she sings that deep inside of her she believe that this relationship was never meant to be and this could be the reason that she is feeling broken, crying and dying and she remains this way unless her other half realizes and try to see what she really has inside and she has to offer. ’See the truth in me’ For once the lyrics are not so babyish and the ways they are interpreted make them more powerful and meaningful.

Powerful and realistic, Lindsay manages to unleash raw bitterness and heartache in this lovely ballad. Vocally, the single is her shining moment. Lindsay is exploring subtle feelings and expressing them in an intimate way and from the bottom of my heart I wish this artist who I happened to listen to her voice thanks to persistence from my friend all the best and hope she will be promoted as much as possible and in my humble opinion I do believe that vocally she comes very close to Kelly Clarkson and in particular she reminded me allot of Kelly’s tune ‘Because of You’ so what can else can I say watch the video and enjoy and try as much to help the maltese artist prosper because we really have some good talent around waiting to be discovered.
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