Vertigo-The Maltese entry for Eurovision 2007

I don’t like to come out as someone who is trying to make fun of the Maltese productions far from it. We came along way since the old Xandir Malta stuff, that at that time we had no other choice to watch, unless you were a proud owner of an illegally owned piano keys, National vcr ,which found its way in Malta stored in a mini cooper second fuel tank (that’s the way I managed to get mine in 1982 (the first VHS tape I watched was Steven Spielberg’s ET) yet I had to fork out Lm500 for a Grundig colour TV and wasting hours if not days waiting in a queue in St.Luke’s road in front of the HQ of ix-Xandir because there was no way I could fit a 26inch TV in the car’s fuel tank.

Anyhow, yes when it comes to photography and the visual side we improved big way but when it comes to story board and to what most important the way it is reproduced to the public, we have still a long way to go. I loved the way the video representation of the local song for the Eurovision contest was arranged because it is not just an straight in your face advertisement of Malta like it used to be in the past but it makes you feel how nice it is to visit our country if not makes you long to come here, but when it comes to the song, I’m very sorry to sound pessimistic but whenever I hear it reminds me of my favourite kebab house and the loud music that you have to listen to with as you wait for your order being done.
To be sincere I never liked the songs that were offered to Olivia Lewis because I do think that she is capable of much mature stuff, anyhow from this post I still wish her all the luck in the world(I don't think that it is gonna be easy)...and may she makes us proud but if she doesn’t is definitely not her fault, even if the song is years ahead then Fabrizio’s ‘un pointe’ song yet still I don’t think that is Maltese music and doesn’t say anything special about us or our extensive culture...
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